Expertise, competence

Engineering is a difficult work that requires precision, patience and dedication.
Our clients tell us our drafting level is more thorough and accurate than others they’ve seen.


We understand that our work serves as the foundation for your development.,Instant responsiveness and communication is a mandatory part and a hallmark of our service.


Win time and money on overhead, software licensing, and more by letting us get your job done.

Who we are? Simple – “CIVIL DRAFTERS”.
What we specialize in? We provide accurate and fast SURVEY DRAFTING SERVICES
for large corporations and small sized businesses in the US since 2019.


What allows us to combine lowest prices
with the highest quality industry standards?

It is the volume of work done and size of our clients who rely their business on our service.

It is easy to try and to start using our service at no costs and in no time.

1. Contact us

Contact us to start and to see how it works for your business. It will cost you absolutely nothing at this stage, we complete first jobs free of charge.

2. Provide specifications

Provide us your recent surveys completed by your drafters to adjust our routine for needs and specifications of your company. It usually takes 1 business day to achieve this by our dedicated professionals.

3. Decide your plan

Get your first 3 jobs done free of charge and decide your first volume plan which you need to be handled by our service.

4. Watch your business grow

Watch your business benefiting and continue by increasing your volume plan with our industry standard top level professional service.

OUR DEAR CLIENTSall of them are satisfied