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When it comes to land surveying, you have enough on your plate. Our goal at Civil Drafters is to let you focus on what you do best while we take care of the technology. Simply submit your data to us and we create high-quality AutoCAD drawings for your use. You get to lower your overhead and get more done with Civil Drafters!

Lower Your Overhead:
Don’t worry about equipment or office overhead, as we handle the day to day necessities, allowing you to do what you do best. Often times success comes through the others you partner with.

The team at Civil Drafters always communicates with our clients from a place of respect and professionalism. We recognize that you’re an essential part of our success.

Streamlined Service:
We make the land surveying process simple. All you have to do is provide us with your data and you’ll receive impeccable AutoCad drawings.

AutoCAD Licensing:
Software licensing can be expensive, so let Civil Drafters take care of that for you. Send us your data and we’ll use our own AutoCAD to complete the job.

Too many job sites to visit this week? Offload some of your time-consuming tasks to us, where we’ll create your drawings and free up more time for you in the field.

Boundary Survey

A survey to establish the true boundaries of a given property lines and define true property corners of a parcel of land described in its deed through previously recorded markers and the establishment of new landmarks. Also, it indicates the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations.

Mortgage Surveys

A mortgage survey is generally requested by a title insurance company or mortgage lender. The purpose of this survey is to “provide substantial proof… that the improvements are actually located on the land covered by the legal description…”

ALTA Survey

An ALTA Survey is typically used for commercial properties with a set of standards put forth jointly by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.

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